How do I care for FLORE QUO leather products?

All of our leathers are natural, luxurious and of the highest quality.  Each individual hide is unique, and while we consider this to be a part of the beauty of working with this most organic of materials, it also means that natural blemishes can sometimes occur.

Due to the high quality of leathers used, there may be signs of veining, wrinkling or colour nuances in their grain.  These are all characteristics consistent with a genuine raw material; they are not imperfections but rather subtle evidence of the leathers’ purity.

All our products are handmade by artisanal manufacturers and as such any variations or small imperfections are an intrinsic part of the product.

We advise that you follow the below suggested care guidelines.  Everyday care and thoughtful storage will go a long way in maintaining the life of your favourite leather accessories.

Everyday Care

Looking after your leather goods starts with day-to-day care.  By following just a few simple rules, you can extend the life of your accessories for years:

Do not leave your leather products in prolonged sunlight.  Prolonged exposure to sunlight or other high intensity sources of light can lead to irreversible discolouring, fading and deformation of the leather. 

Do not expose to wet, damp or humid conditions or high temperatures.  If the product gets wet or comes into contact with water, we advise that you pat it dry with a cloth and leave it to dry naturally.

Water can be harmful if it penetrates the leather and can lead to the appearance of bubbles or marks which cannot be removed.  If soiled, wipe away with a soft, damp cloth.  Do not spot clean leather.

Never soak the leather nor apply detergents and do not wash the fabric lining.  Refrain from ‘feeding’ the leather with products such as waxes, polishes or saddle soaps.  This may leave the surface of the leather sticky, attracting dirt and causing irreversible damage.

Keep away from sharp objects.


Storing your leather appropriately is one of the easiest ways you can prevent damage.  

Store handbags in a dust bag to avoid scratches.

Avoid using plastic bags, as they prevent good ventilation.

Store leather away from artificial sources of heat or dampness.