FLORE QUO was conceived in 2018 by founder and designer, Florence Tsang.  Due to the extensive research and development required for the innovative Vivace clutch and the pandemic, the Vivace clutch was launched in early 2021.

Our handbags are exclusively crafted for us by artisan experts who have honed their crafts for some of the world's finest brands, combining artisanal quality with truly unique design. 

Our innovative, interchangeable ornaments represent a marriage of jewellery with handbags, so that handbags can be treasured just like jewellery.

We believe that luxury does not have to come at the expense of our planet and we  are passionate about reducing our environmental footprint where we can, hence why we design our packaging to maximise recyclability.

FLORE QUO is our love letter to traditional expertise and the beauty of the world, and we are delighted to share it with our discerning clients.