Timeless beauty, quality and function is how we define excellence.  Using the right leather and ensuring the functionality of our hardware is an art form.

Leather comes in many different forms, it can be stiff or soft, smooth or raised grain, different thicknesses and different colours.  We often take time to select just the perfect leather colour and pair it with bright linings as a lovely surprise when our bag is opened.  All FLORE QUO leather bags are made using fine natural leather sourced from the world's best tanneries within Europe.

Beautiful hardware can make all the difference in the styling of a bag.  Our specially designed and meticulously crafted clasp is like nothing you have seen before.  Made to perfection by expert metal craftsmen, the unique interchangeable mechanism is one of a kind and a collectable item in itself.

All other hardware elements used – from a zip puller to a buckle on a strap are thoughtfully chosen.  With “excellence” as a criteria and you - our clients in mind.